Final Ballots

Fifth Annual Cosmique Movie Awards

Now that the nominations have been announced, it's time to cast your votes to see which nominees win each award for the Fifth Annual Cosmique Movie Awards. Remember, nominations are due by midnight on Friday, March 25th!

Who will win? Will there be any upsets? Will ours mirror the Academy Awards and other major awards shows, or will they veer off in a completely unexpected direction. Time will tell...and you get to decide!

Remember, there are two different ballots used for this round of voting, and both are important:

  1. The ballot to choose the winner of each category.

  2. The ballot to rate every film released in the U.S. in 2004.


Ratings Ballot

This ballot is used to rate every film released in 2004, which will be used to determine the winners of the Most Watched, Highest Rated, and Most Popular.

The online version of the Ratings Ballot remains "broken" and we have not yet identified the problem. In the meantime, you may download the Excel version. If you have previously downloaded it, please note that there have been a few changes - you may need to re-download it.


Category Ballot

This ballot is used to determine the winners of each individual category award.

There are several different options for voters: fill out the ballot on paper and mail it back; fill out the ballot in Microsoft Word and email it back; or fill out the ballot via a web form online. Remember, write-in candidates are not permitted; the time to write in a candidate of your choosing passed with the completion of the nomination process.

  1. Voters may download the MS Word Category Ballot, save it to your hard drive, fill it out, and email it back to

  2. Voters may download the MS Word ballot, print it out, and mail it back to: Kevin Goebel, 1120 Elm Street, San Francisco, California 94115.

  3. Voters may use the online ballots to vote directly over the Internet using the Online Ballots below.


Online Ballots

The online ballot has been divided into five separate ballots: Lifetime Achievements, Best Overall, Best Performances, Best by Genre, and Worst of 2004. Each ballot must be filled out separately. In addition, please note each ballot must contain your name and email address to be eligible. Even if you completed that information for one section of the ballot, be sure to complete it for the others, as the sections will be processed separately.

When you have completed one section, please confirm your results, print the page if desired, and then proceed to the next section.

  1. Lifetime Achievements Section
  2. Best Films Overall Section
  3. Best Performances Section
  4. Best by Genre Section
  5. Worst of 2004 Section

If you later wish to change any of your votes, please do not fill out another ballot. Instead, please email and explain the change you wish to make. Please remember that all ballots - and all changes to existing ballots - must be received by March 25, 2005 at midnight.