2002 Cosmique Movie Awards

 Nicole Kidman      
Nicole Kidman

Birth: June 20, 1967 (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Selected Awards and Honors
  • One Academy Award (two nominations)
  • Three BAFTA nominations
  • One Saturn Award (Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films)
  • One American Comedy Awards nominations
  • Two Australian Film Institute Awards (four nominations)
  • One Blockbuster Entertainment Award (two nominations)
  • Three Golden Globe Awards (five nominations)
  • Two MTV Movie Awards (seven nominations)
  • Three Screen Actors Guild nominations
Cosmo Awards:
  • Nominations: 4 individual, 3 ensemble (includes one negative nomination)
  • Wins: 0

Although she did not win any awards that year, Nicole Kidman was well recognized at the 2001 Cosmique Movie Awards with four nominations. She competed against herself in the Best Actress category, where she was double nominated for Moulin Rouge and The Others. Her Moulin Rouge performance inspired strong emotions amongst the Cosmo voters, good and bad; although she and the rest of the cast were nominated for Best Ensemble in addition to her Best Actress nod, she paradoxically was also nominated for Worst Performance. (Moulin Rouge was also nominated for both Best and Worst Film.) Nicole's performance as Virginia Woolf in The Hours gave her another chance for the Best Actress award, though in the end she lost to co-star Julianne Moore's performance for Far From Heaven.

At the fourth annual awards, she missed out on a fourth Best Actress nod when only Jude Law was individually nominated for Cold Mountain, but she did share in the ensemble nomination.

And at the sixth annual awards, she scored another dubious Worst Performance nomination for Bewitched, bringing her a career total of three Best Actress nominations, three Best Ensemble nominations, and two Worst Performance nods...but no awards.

Cosmique Movie Nominations

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