Lifetime Achievement Hall of Fame Ballot

Nominated for induction into the Cosmique Movie Awards Halls of Fame


This is your opportunity to vote for the Lifetime Achievement categories of the Cosmique Movie Awards -- the categories devoted to the best films, actors, and actresses of all time, not just from the past year. Winners will be inducted into a Hall of Fame, joining other previous Hall of Fame winners dating back to our first awards sixteen years ago.

We do ask for your name and email address, but will never reveal how you voted nor share your email address with anyone else. We use this on the ballots as a way to permit you to come back and change your vote by re-voting with the same email address. We will retain your most recent submission.

All ballots must be received by midnight PDT on Saturday, April 30, 2016. When you've completed each section, be sure to continue on to the next section to continue with your ballot.



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