Vote for the Winners of the 2015 Cosmos

Ballots for the 2015 Cosmique Movie Awards due by April 30, 2016 at midnight PDT

The nominations are in and it's now time to vote for the winners of the 2015 Cosmique Movie Awards.

This is your chance to help decide who will be inducted into the Cosmique Movie Awards Lifetime Achievement Halls of Fame as well as which films and performances will be recognized as the best (and worst) of the 2015 calendar year.

As always, the awards have been divided into five separate sections: Lifetime Achievements; Best Overall of 2015; Best Performances of 2015; Best by Genre of 2015; and Worst of 2015. You may vote for one in each category. Feel free to skip any category where you don't wish to vote. Write-ins are not permitted; the opportunity for that was during the nomination period.

Don't worry if you haven't seen very many 2015 films. We've often maintained that our awards are as much about what draws you to the movies as they are about what you liked once you got there. If you've only seen one or two nominees for a particular award but you feel passionate about it, feel free to vote for it. If you don't particularly care about the films you saw nominated for that award, feel free to skip it and move to the next one. And even if you didn't see that many 2015 films, there's always the Lifetime Achievement categories.

We do ask for your name and email address, but will never reveal how you voted nor share your email address with anyone else. We use this on the ballots as a way to permit you to come back and change your vote by re-voting with the same email address. We will retain your most recent submission.

All ballots must be received by midnight PDT on Saturday, April 30, 2016. When you've completed each section, be sure to continue on to the next section to continue with your ballot.


If you wish, here are a few optional resources you can download before voting.

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