Best Female Villain of a 2004 Film

Nominees for the Fifth Annual Cosmique Movie Awards


Awarded to the actress deemed by Cosmo voters to have achieved the best performance in a villainous role in an eligible 2004 film. Are villains necessarily intrinsically evil? Can a character be an inadvertent villain, or do they have to act with deliberate malice? Can they be considered a villain if they are redeemed in the end? Can they be considered a villain if they perform some bad acts, even if they also perform some good ones? If their intentions are inadvertent, or understandable, or misguided, but nevertheless wrong, does that mitigate their villainy? Voters must decide these questions for themselves.


Meryl Streep - The Manchurian Candidate
Daryl Hannah - Kill Bill, Volume 2
Rachel McAdams - Mean Girls
Mandy Moore - Saved!
Jennifer Saunders - Shrek 2

Also Considered: Glenn Close for The Stepford Wives; Jennifer Coolidge for A Cinderella Story; Judy Greer for 13 Going on 30; Holly Hunter for Little Black Book; Angelina Jolie for Alexander; Joanna Lumley for Ella Enchanted; Parker Posey for Blade: Trinity; Lucy Punch for Ella Enchanted; Condoleezza Rice for Fahrenheit 9/11; Ruth Sheen for Vera Drake; and Sharon Stone for Catwoman

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