Cosmique Movie Awards

Profiles of Select 2003 Films

For your consideration


With the 2003 cinematic season drawing to a close, it's time for Cosmique Movie Academy voters to start lobbying their peers about the films and performances that they believe are among the very best (and worst) for the year. The films listed below have been submitted by Cosmo voters in an effort to draw attention to them come voting time. Read the profiles and consider renting, downloading, or buying the ones you haven't seen. Here, then, are some worthies (and not-so-worthies) to consider...


Films to Consider
Performances to Consider

If you would like to propose a film for consideration by the Academy voters, either for a film listed above or for another film, please submit a review of that film in plain text via email to the President of the Cosmique Movie Academy. Reviews from non-members are welcome, but the Academy reserves the right to decline to print any review at its discretion.

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