Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role in a 2003 Film

Nominees for the Fourth Annual Cosmique Movie Awards


Awarded to the actress deemed by Cosmo voters to have achieved the best performance in a leading role an eligible 2003 film. Cosmo voters must carefully decide whether the performance was in a leading or supporting capacity. It is theoretically possible for an actress to be nominated in both leading and supporting categories for the same performance if the Academy voters seem divided about their interpretation of the role (as they did with Richard Gere in Chicago).


Charlize Theron - Monster

Additional Nominees

Sarah Bolger - In America
Charles Busch - Die, Mommie, Die!
Ellen Degneres - Finding Nemo
Scarlett Johansson - Lost in Translation
Samantha Morton - In America
Naomi Watts - 21 Grams
Renee Zellweger - Down With Love


Also Considered: Halle Berry for Gothika; Cate Blanchett for Veronica Guerin; Keisha Castle-Hughes for Whale Rider; Emma Caulfield for Darkness Falls; Jennifer Connelly for House of Sand and Fog; Jamie Lee Curtis for Freaky Friday; Holly Hunter for Thirteen; Scarlett Johansson for Girl With the Pearl Earring; Diane Keaton for Something's Got to Give; Nicole Kidman for Cold Mountain; Lea Kurka for Nowhere in Africa; Diane Lane for Under the Tuscan Sun; Helen Mirren for Calendar Girls; Charlotte Rampling for The Swimming Pool; Uma Thurman for Kill Bill, Volume 1; Reese Witherspoon for Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde; Evan Rachel Wood for Thirteen; and Renee Zellweger for Cold Mountain

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