Best Comedic Actor of All Time Hall of Fame

Nominees for the Fourth Annual Cosmique Movie Awards


Awarded to the actor deemed by Cosmo voters to have delivered, across the span of his entire career, the best cinematic comedic performances of all time. For this category, voters must ignore the dramatic performances and focus solely on the comedies. Voters must also ignore television performances and focus only on those roles that made it to the big screen. In addition, as a Lifetime Achievement award, voters must consider the actor's entire career.


Peter Sellers


Additional Nominees

Mel Brooks
Charlie Chaplin
Jack Lemmon
Steve Martin
Gene Wilder
Robin Williams


Also Considered: Bud Abbott, Alan Alda, Woody Allen, Don Ameche, John Candy, Jim Carrey, Chevy Chase, Bill Cosby, Robert De Niro, W.C. Fields, Tom Hanks, Bob Hope, Danny Kaye, Buster Keaton, Jerry Lewis, Harold Lloyd, Cheech Marin, Walter Matthau, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Leslie Nielsen, Donald O'Connor, Peter O'Toole, William Powell, Richard Pryor, Dick Van Dyke, and Jonathan Winters


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