2002 Cosmique Movie Awards

Everyone says he should date girls his own age. Oscar respectfully disagrees.

Directed by: Gary Winick

Written by: Heather McGowan, Niels Mueller, Gary Winick

Starring: Aaron Stanford, Bebe Neuwirth, Sigourney Weaver, John Ritter

2002 Cosmique Movie Awards:
  • Nominations:  1
  • Awards:  0
Cosmo Ratings:
  • Number Rated: 5
  • Average Rating: 7.20
  • Aggregate Score: 36

Cosmique Movie Nominations

Reviews from Cosmo Voters:

Hardly anyone saw this under-rated film (but it's now out on video). It was Aaron Stanford's performance in this film that sparked my desire to create the Best Young Performer category (though I found out later that the actor is 10 years older than the character - but still young enough to qualify for the award). You'll see him in a few months in X2. In addition to Best Young Performer, this film is on my list of potential nominees for Best Script and Best Supporting Actress (Bebe Neuwirth).

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