2002 Cosmique Movie Awards

The Hours    
The Hours
Mrs Dalloway said that she would buy the flowers herself...

Directed by: Stephen Daldry

Written by: Michael Cunningham III (novel The Hours); David Hare (screenplay); Virginia Woolf (novel Mrs Dalloway and other writings)

Starring: Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, Stephen Dillane, Miranda Richardson, John C. Reilly, Ed Harris, Allison Janney, Claire Danes, Jack Rovello

2002 Cosmique Movie Awards:
  • Nominations:  11
  • Awards:  1
Cosmo Ratings:
  • Number Rated: 7
  • Average Rating: 8.00
  • Aggregate Score: 56

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Reviews from Cosmo Voters:

I think we are lucky to have even one movie going experience that pulls the rug out from underneath us.  I think were very blessed when two hours of film going can change our world, leaving us gasping for breath.

About 15 years ago I saw a film at the Castro called "A Death in the Family".  I think it was from New Zealand.  It was about a gay man dying with AIDS who is taken to a remote location by his gay friends to die amongst friends and at peace.  At the start of the movie he had a few days to live..  By the end he had lived 30-90 days (I don't remember the total).  In addition to his chosen family, his estranged parents and siblings showed up and all come together around him and for him.  I remember feeling like I couldn't breath.  Like I had spent the whole experience in another reality.  As I came out of that film I walked up and down castro street balling like a baby in the bright daylight, not caring about the crowds.  That movie forever changed me.

This Sunday while others were watching the Superbowl it happened again.  Daryl, My mom and Wanda called me to come join them while they went to see the Hours.  Ive never been a Meryl Streep fan.  Julianne Moore was always OK, Ed Harris always bugged me, and until "The Others" I didn't think Nicole Kidman could act. 

After the first 2 minutes I don't think I took a full breath. The acting was the best I have seen in a long time.  I don't think there was a single stand out performance.  There were no
supporting cast members..everyone was more than stellar.  I felt like I was inside something real, that these people were real.

I am still processing what this movie means to me, but suffice it to say....I feel changed.

I plan to read the book...ASAP 

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