Best Actor of All Time Hall of Fame

Third Annual Cosmique Movie Awards


Awarded to the actor deemed by Cosmo voters to be one of the best of all time. The winning actor will be inducted into the Cosmique Movie Hall of Fame, and will not be eligible in subsequent years to be re-nominated to this category. There are no restrictions on his era, nationality, or language. All actors except previous winners (Dustin Hoffman and Cary Grant) are eligible for nomination.

James Stewart

Jimmy Stewart


Also Nominated:

Paul Newman
Jack Nicholson
Paul Newman
Jack Nicholson

Al Pacino Spencer Tracy
Al Pacino
Spencer Tracy

Also Considered: Marlon Brando; James Cagney; Michael Caine; Carrot Top; Montgomery Clift; Sean Connery; Hume Cronyn; Daniel Day-Lewis; Robert De Niro; James Dean; Dom DeLuise; Gerard Depardieu; Vin Diesel; Rupert Everett; Henry Fonda; Harrison Ford; Clark Gable; Richard Gere; John Gielgud; Alec Guinness; Gene Hackman; Tom Hanks; Richard Harris; Rock Hudson; Barry Humphries; Buster Keaton; Burt Lancaster; Jack Lemmon; John Lithgow; Ewan McGregor; Agnes Moorehead; Laurence Olivier; Peter O’Toole; Gregory Peck; Anthony Perkins; Sidney Poitier; Robert Redford; and Orson Welles

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